Practical practitioners guide to strategic planning

A well-written and well-thought plan is a very good start if you want to reach your objectives in an efficient way. However, many times planning has become such a complicated process, including experts and jargons that is more excluding and aggravating than including and useful.

This is a planning guide ’for the rest of us’ – professionals and laymen who believe it is possible to be serious and creative at the same time!

In a pedagogic and simple way, Anders Berg takes you through the critical and necessary steps of planning in his own, very personal way.

This is not a book for you people who want long discussions on definitions and such, nor for you who have as ultimate purpose to fill in a project matrix. Instead this guide is written as an inspiration for you practitioners who want to get things done in a focused way with a high level of participation as one of the main ingredients.

The guide is mainly written for people involved in international development work, but the thoughts could definitely be applied on many other initiatives for change.

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"Every now and then, you come across a book on project management. This one is different. It shows you how smart you can be. This book should be rated the simplest reference book on project management in the world. What the writer does not realise, is that this book is being used as a reference tool by Agents for Change in many African Countries. And in a strange kind of way, its changing the world, bit by bit."

Haniff Hoosen
Member of Parliament and Secretary General,
Democratic Alliance, South Africa
”I opened this book and was surprised. It was totally different and written in an easy-going style. While reading I get the impression that I am talking to the author. Explicit structure, summarising questions and the development approach makes me think of an organic process, constantly moving and never carved in stone. What I found absolutely unique about this book is that it can be read and re-read every time you face the necessity of strategic planning."

Victoria Gumeniuk
Head of European programme,
Youkraine, Ukraine”